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Nov 30 2015

By Alan Greenblatt
November 2015 

Val Hoyle became majority leader of the Oregon House just three years after joining the chamber. That’s pretty impressive, but it might be less important than the fact she has been succeeded by another woman. Hoyle stepped down as leader this summer to concentrate on a race for secretary of state and was replaced by Rep. Jennifer Williamson. “My being there was not an anomaly,” Hoyle says.

Governing Magazine
Sep 14 2015

If Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina can run for president, why don't more women run for state legislative seats? For about 20 years now, women have made up slightly less than a quarter of all state legislators.

"We've sort of been stuck somewhere between 22 and 24 percent, really since about 1997," said Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers University.

Governing Magazine
Aug 25 2015

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This week the nonprofit Women Donors Network’s Reflective Democracy Campaign issued a groundbreaking report showing white Americans hold 95 percent of elected prosecutor positions.  The report is called Justice for All? and its findings were reported from coast to coast. 

KBOO Community Radio
Jul 13 2015

By Nisha Chittal

July 13, 2015

Although there are 400,000 women lawyers in America, women make up just 17% of prosecutors nationally – and of that, just 1% are women of color.

A new campaign aims to change that, arguing that elected law enforcement positions such as prosecutor roles have some of the most power to impact the lives of women.

May 11 2015
Recently, during a trip to Boston, I invited Emerge Massachusetts alumna and Boston City Councilwoman Michelle Wu to lunch.  I was excited to meet her because I knew that her race and win were “historic”—Michelle was the youngest woman elected to the Boston City Council at 28 years old.  She is also one of only 11 women and only two Asian-Americans EVER elected to the Boston City Council.
Huffington Post
May 7 2015
A group focused on recruiting Democratic women to run for office is launching a campaign Friday called “Follow Hillary’s Lead” aimed at increasing by 20 percent the number of women candidates in 2016.
Emerge America provides training, connections and support for women candidates seeking local and state office.
Apr 27 2015

By Deborah Baker, Journal Staff Writer

Democrats determined to overcome last year’s losses, reclaim the state House and keep control of the Senate have chosen Debra Haaland as the new state party chairwoman.

Haaland was elected at a meeting Saturday in Albuquerque of nearly 400 members of the Democratic State Central Committee.

Albuquerque Journal
Mar 10 2015

By Andrea Dew Steele, Founder and President, Emerge America

Last week, I attended the Watermark Conference with Hillary Clinton in Silicon Valley. I, like most of the 5,000 women in attendance, was filled with pent-up excitement about the prospect of Hillary running for president again in 2016. The feeling in the air was feverish and Hillary was greeted with wild enthusiasm.

Huffington Post

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