Council of Allies

Council of Allies

Emerge Allies is a formal network of political consultants, firms and campaign service providers who offer their expertise to the Emerge Network of program members, staff and alumnae who are being trained to run, running and serving in elected office across the United States.

Within the Allies, we have a formal "Council of Allies" which is a network specifically for women political consultants to meet, network and share expertise under the umbrella of our Allies.

By becoming a member of the Emerge Allies, we provide opportunities for vendors to build relationships with Emerge Alumnae and to communicate their expertise and products through:

  • Sharing input and expertise on our curriculum and program content
  • Participating as featured presenters in Webinars and conference calls
  • Conducting training sessions in one or more of our states
  • Creating a National workshop series on critical topics current for each
  • election cycle that could be done in any/each of the states we train

There is no cost to join the Emerge Allies network. You can sign up today and become part of our network of experts. Emerge Allies are given opportunities through the year to support the Emerge organizations through sponsorships and events as a way to enhance your involvement in our work.

We want the Council of Allies to be a place where the best in campaign and political service providers can come together to share their knowledge and practices. To date, Emerge has trained more than 1,000 women across the country. The Council of Allies will be the cream of the crop in campaigns and elections that can give our women the competitive edge to push them to the top!

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