We are so proud that of the 213 women who were on the ballot alongside Hillary Clinton. Every woman that stands up and runs deserves our congratulations, gratitude, and support.

Have you considered running for office, or do you know a woman who would make a great candidate? Because as long as the majority of policymakers are male - half our nation will remain underrepresented. Will you step up to change that? #WhySheRuns

There are only 20 women in the U.S. Senate today. Help us "Build the Bench" and expand our work to increase the number of Democratic women running and winning their elections at all levels!

We all know that it’s time for 'politics as usual' to change. There are plenty of reasons to avoid running for public office, but it is up to YOU to lead the way and start taking real steps towards progress. Read more about why you should apply for Emerge today.

Why She Runs

Have you thought about putting your name on the ballot? Learn about the Emerge program and why you should run!

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